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MirroFlex Finishes

MirroFlex Finishes

Discover the endless design possibilities with MirroFlex finishes.


MirroFlex Almond Finish

Antique Bronze

MirroFlex Antique Bronze Finish

Argent Copper

MirroFlex Argent Copper Finish

Argent Gold

MirroFlex Argent Gold Finish

Argent Silver

MirroFlex Argent Silver Finish

Bermuda Bronze

MirroFlex Bermuda Bronze Finish

Bronze Fantasy Finish

MirroFlex Bronze Fantasy Finish

Bronze Strata

MirroFlex Bronze Strata Finish

Brushed Aluminum

MirroFlex Brushed Aluminum Finish

Brushed Copper

MirroFlex Brushed Copper Finish

Brushed Nickel

MirroFlex Brushed Nickel Finish

Brushed Onyx

MirroFlex Brushed Onyx Finish

Brushed Stainless

MirroFlex Brushed Stainless Finish

Copper Fantasy

MirroFlex Copper Fantasy Finish

Cracked Copper

MirroFlex Cracked Copper Finish

Crosshatch Silver

MirroFlex Crosshatch Silver Finish

Diamond Brushed

MirroFlex Diamond Brushed Finish

EccoFlex Black

MirroFlex EccoFlex Black Finish


MirroFlex Galvanized Finish

Glossy Black

MirroFlex Glossy Black Finish

Glossy White

MirroFlex Glossy White Finish


MirroFlex Merlot Finish


MirroFlex Mirror Finish

Mirror Gold

MirroFlex Mirror Gold Finish

Mirror Green

MirroFlex Mirror Green Finish

Mirror Red

MirroFlex Mirror Red Finish

Moonstone Copper

MirroFlex Moonstone Copper Finish

Muted Gold

MirroFlex MutedG old Finish

Oil Rubbed Bronze

MirroFlex Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Smoked Pewter

MirroFlex Smoked Pewter Finish

Steel Strata

MirroFlex Steel Strata Finish


MirroFlex Travertine Finish

Vintage Metal

MirroFlex Vintage Metal Finish

Winter White

MirroFlex Winter White Finish

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